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Moviola App

Visual Communication Final Project


Moviola is a travel guide app to cities where famous movies were filmed.
The app offers tourists a glimpse into the world of their favorite movies and helps them locate and enjoy sites where key movie scenes were taken.

The users enjoy an illustrated tour guide accompanying them in a unique AR (Augmented Reality) experience designed for each main movie scene.

In each location, the users hear about the scene, get an opportunity to take pictures with characters from the film, participate in a fun, movie-related game, and hear a behind-the-scenes fact.

The inspiration for the logo comes from the 20's Art Deco Broadway typeface.

It contains the characteristic peeking element that reappears in the eyes and expression of the illustrated character.

Credits - Hadar Arbeit took care of the character animation and Bentley Michaels of the character's voiceover.

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